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Karla attended Ӱ̳High School from Year 7 – 12 from 1993 to 1998. She was a leader amongst her peers with her willingness to represent the school in a range of extra-curricular activities including music and drama. After completing Year 12, Karla commenced a university business degree in Melbourne studying tourism. Karla undertook a work-placement in the USA. It was whilst in Los Angeles that she died in a tragic car accident at the age of just 20 in 2001. This was a truly terrible time for the family, friends and the wider Ӱ̳High School community. The Barton family has kindly offered an annual scholarship for a Year 10/11 female to assist this worthy recipient to achieve their dreams and aspirations.


Karla Barton Award Recipients

2001 – Jenna Roberts
2002 – Tasmin Greenwood
2006 – Kristy Hogg
2007 – Erin Georgiou
2008 – Kate Gordes
2009 – Jessica Porter
2010 – Zoey Gow
2011 – Caitlyn Evans
2012 – Macalya O’Connell
2013 – Paige Weston
2014 – Maddison Deery
2015 – Caitlyn Regan
2016 – Jovana Bukvic
2017 – Anthea Waldegrave-Knight
2018 – Seonaid Lee
2019 – Maddy McFarlane
2020 – Teresa Marcuzzi
2021 – Chloe Netherwood
2022 – Mackenzie Adrien
2023 – Rain Dodd


Connor Barton presenting the Karla Barton Award to the 2018 recipient Seonaid Lee


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