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Ӱ̳Senior Secondary College is a medium sized co-educational secondary school servicing the Albury/Ӱ̳region. The school is located in an attractive, safe, residential area near central Wodonga. It is fully serviced by public transport.

Albury/Ӱ̳is a vibrant, cosmopolitan twin city of 100,000 with annual growth of approximately 2,500 people per year. Ӱ̳is considered to be Australia’s Premier Rural City of Learning. It is located on the Victorian/New South Wales State Border and support two Universities and two Vocational Colleges. Albury/Ӱ̳is a region in which you can enjoy just about any interest, indulge any passion, against a backdrop so beautiful it can take your breath away.

There is a wealth of cultural events and entertainment all year round. It has a celebrated range of restaurants, cuisines and numerous parks and gardens. Ӱ̳is internationally renowned, hosting many multicultural events. The Region also has transport links via plane, bus and train to all Major Cities. We live in an extremely safe environment without the disruptions of metropolitan cities.

Photo: Ӱ̳City Council 2019


Department of Education & Training
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