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Our school is committed to providing an open and friendly learning environment for students, encouraging visitors to our school. To manage our visitor compliance requirements, our school uses Passtab.

Visitors are maybe required to enter the following information on arrival at our school:

  • Visitor name and contact information
  • Arrival and departure time
  • Category of visitor
  • The access point used for arrival and departure
  • A PIN associated with a visitor
  • Employer (if the visitor is a contractor)
  • Reason for visit
  • Electronic signature
  • Photo image
  • Information relating to certificates

This information is used for school emergency or evacuation management, reporting visitor activity, recording students late arrivals and early departures, and school policies and induction compliance.

Our school takes reasonable steps to protect information from misuse and loss and unauthorised access, modification and disclosure. Our school securely stores all electronic records, consistent with the Department’s records management policy and information security standards.

If you feel uncomfortable recording the information required to sign in at our school successfully, please speak with our Business Manager.


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