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Ӱ̳Senior Secondary College is seeking Homestay host parents for our international Students.

If you’re an empty nester or at least have a spare bedroom, there are a few good reasons to consider becoming a homestay parent/s:

  • Make a strong cultural connection with an international family (usually from Vietnam or China). Many homestay parents end up visiting the family of their homestay student in their home country and have an experience much richer than being a tourist.
  • Enjoy a special connection with a high school student from another country and become their “Aussie Parent,” helping them find their way in Australia.
  • Receive payment at the Victorian Department of Education approved rate.
  • Potential international students will attend WSSC for two weeks during July and August 2024. If you are considering becoming a homestay host, this is a good introduction. We seek homestay hosts to provide an initial two-week placement during this July/August visit.

Freeman host family with their homestay students.

Who can be a homestay family?


Hear from Leanne Freeman about their experience as a homestay host.
We hosted 2 international male students for a little over three years. In this time we saw them grow from dependant immature boys to young independent adult men. As well as supporting them through schooling, we also encouraged them to get involved with the community, which saw them volunteer for different roles through our local church. This gave them experience and confidence to take into the future. We also supported them through part-time jobs and even taught one student to drive and to get his P’s.

We consider them part of our family and are still in contact with them to this day. We highly recommend hosting students as it’s a very rewarding role.

Register your interest

Call 02 6043 7500 or email Heni Williams WIH@wssc.vic.edu.au to find out more information about our Homestay program and International students.


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